Payments are for a calendar month (pcm) in advance from 2021

Assisted  Livery (mon-fri)  includes:-
turnout and bring in  
rug change & turnout
or even possibly
bring in and rug change.
excludes feeds, bedding and hay
his could be altered to suit you. We aim to help with work /family requirements
from £64.00 per week  (£277.33 pcm) 12x12 stable

Part Livery (mon - fri) includes:- (please compare in detail to other places, as we do include much more than most! especially feeds and hay for the full week)
5 days x rug changes x am and pm,
5 days x turnout and bring in,
includes 7 days x our feeds am and pm 
7  days x hay in the stable and including in field when necessary
1 x bedding,
5 days x full muck out)
5 days x field clearing
 £125.00/£541.66 pcm in 12x12
Basic Feeds: included in Part and Full livery packages are a choice of alfalfa lite, alfalfa, horse and pony cubes, conditioning cubes, sugar beet. Excludes all supplements and balancers. (other feeds can be fed if supplied by horse owner)

Full LIvery (all week) 
includes all of the above but for 7 days, feed, hay, labour
2 x bedding
From £660 pcm - £152 per week

There are also extras that you can add to each package above for holidays, sickness or just
one offs, (if not already included.)
Charges are per horse each time.
Rug Change  (take off and put another one on)  £2.00
Bring In/turnout daily from £2.05 near paddocks £2.90 far paddocks
Standing charge for vet/farrier/dentist £10 minimum charge
Muck out stable, hay and water with your hay, £12.00 excludes turnout/rug changes, poo picking etc.
Holiday/Day/Work cover, includes turnout/bring in, rug changes, stable cleaning, hay, water and poo picking and feeds making up  £19 daily 
Place your hay in field £1.20  or in far paddocks £1.70 or £2.00 if not ready in barn
Trailer parking £17.00 per calendar month and Lorry Parking £22.00 per calendar month
Poo Picking £4.50 if stabled daily  - Poo Picking £5.00 if living out daily
Boots depending on requirements £2.00 full set
Bedding is £7.81 per bale
Hay - mini heston (8ft x 3ft)  £45 per bale (minimum of 2 as they are stacked)

Additional charge for supplying our hay for haying up.

Please note that all livery charges are paid by standing order, a calendar month in advance.  Extras are charged a month in arrears.
£5.00 charge applies for late payment on extras not paid within 7 days. A refundable deposit of £25 is payable on arrival and refunded if no damage, fields are cleared of manure and keys are returned.

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