Our yard consists of 16 x 12ftx12ft stables, 4 x 14ftx12ft stables and 4 x 18ftx12ft stables.  The larger ones being ideal for mare and foal.  We have in the past bred from our own mares on four occasions, so have experience with young-stock as well as having foaled others here.

The stables are light and airy with rubber mats and a rug rack included, outside the stable is a saddle rack and tie up.    We use Raviera dust extracted rapestraw bedding to bed the stables out with, which is absorbent, fast rotting and cost effective. https://www.cavierabedding.co.uk/

The tack room is close to the stables and benefits from the alarm system. There is CCTV on the yard which also covers around the entrance and doors.  The paddocks are secured by day and evening with the owners living on site.
The rest room is located in the centre of the stable block. There is also a separate locker room where you can keep your own equipment such as riding hat, boots and medicines in a secure place.
The manege is floodlit and measures 40x40 metres, with mirrors down one section. There are no extra charges for the lighting, use of the jumps or the use of the menage.
We have a separate grass jumping arena with a full set of jumps and fillers and a farm track around the outskirts of our land.   We have also created a  marked 60x20 grass dressage area where you can practice in a full length area in private.

The horses follow a worming programme and are only wormed twice a year in spring and autumn but can also be worm tested twice a year in between worming, so we are not giving those horses that are clear of worms unnecessary chemicals, which can add to worm resistance. Field clearing is on a daily basis

Horses are turned out throughout the year, unless the snow/ice prevents this for safety reasons.  Wet weather has not been a problem for us over the years, as the ground is sand based, so rarely gets muddy.

The paddocks to the front and side of the livery have post and rail fencing, while the back ones have electric tape and partial post and rail.  There are 55 acres of paddocks on a sand based soil, so washing down legs is a thing of the past.
Horses are moved from summer to winter paddocks in rotation to give areas a rest and give us a chance to re-seed where needed and spray any weeds for the spring re-growth.

We have staff onsite during the morning and afternoon to assist with normal services and help cover for for your holidays, sickness or just everyday assistance. This is a 365 day cover including bank holidays.
There is access to a BHS stage 3 Coach UKCC Level 2 for lessons and training.   All hay and bedding is purchased from ourselves.
There are two rooms where you can keep all your feedbins, plus an area to the back for the barrows and tools for daily use.

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